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[Debconf-team] Registration

we still need before the morning:
- badges for people arriving up to Sunday night
- food tickets for at least Sunday, ideally more days
- pass for outside/for lift for otavio (who is now in Edinburgh)

suggested plan registration for tomorrow:
- before starting, mark the "non-sponsored hostel" people (separate list
  from ana) on the main paper copy of the registration list by writing
  NSH by their name.
  context shift1/2/3 = Julia Freeman, WF Konynenberg, Chris Girling
- before starting, get a clean bit of paper to keep track of incoming
  NSH money
- everyone (including team) register when they arrive
- "non-sponsored hostel" people need to pay before registering
- no one without a badge is allowed into the rest of Teviot past the
  registration desk: if there's a problem, we call down the appropriate
  person to discuss it at the desk

so when people arrive:
- they show who they are (ask for passport if not recognised)
- check if they have NSH by their name (i.e. are on the NSH list)
  - if so, ask if they have money, if not point them at the ATM/banks
  - they need to pay 12 pounds per night
  - collect the money.  if they can't pay, send them to the ATM/bank
  - when they pay, draw in pencil over the NSH by their name, and also
    write on the separate list that this person has paid so we have a 
    clear record.
- check if they are marked as "I need food sponsorship".  if so give
  them the appropriate food tickets, and draw in pencil over "I need
  food sponsorship"
- we give them a badge and draw in pencil over their name on the paper
  list (allows corrections if mistake made)
- we don't have bags yet, we'll give them to these people later
- but for now give them the Edinburgh city tourist brochure (has useful 
  maps in it)
- they now have a badge so are allowed into the rest of Teviot

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