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Re: [Debconf-team] Budget - current status

On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 00:47 +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Dinner / ceilidh
> ================
> At this point, we're not going to have a dinner but we're looking at a
> ceilidh (food/drink/dancing) instead. Moray is working on that (I
> hope!

Yes, I am: I've sent out various queries, and am waiting on responses

>  *grin*). However, one of the new sponsors wants to organise/pay
> for a party. Maybe we can mesh the two together if we're lucky.

Indeed: if not we'll just have a cash bar, but it would be great to have
a sponsor organise some food/drinks during the ceilidh.

It's getting short notice for bands, so I think we should be ready to be
flexible and move from the Thursday to the Wednesday or Friday if
necessary -- hopefully matters should be clearer in a day or two.

> Day trip
> ========
> The day trip is looking unlikely. If more money comes in over the next
> couple of weeks, we *may* be able to do it but let's not assume
> anything there yet.

For those who haven't been watching this discussion: we'd still have a
day of tourism stuff, just not of the form "DebConf pays for everyone to
go somewhere on coaches".

The current best idea seems to be to have a couple of options during the
day, possibly including one (e.g. Edinburgh Castle) that people would
pay for themselves, but there are plenty of free museums/galleries/parks
etc. in Edinburgh to keep people busy.   I'm wondering about
intentionally leaving finalising the options late until we have a better
guess at what the weather might be like.

> Moray says he is organising local travel / tourist leaflets. 

These will be free to us.


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