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Re: [Debconf-team] Transport within the UK

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Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Since then, I've spoken to Phil this morning and he's suggesting we
> might be able to use his Land Rover for people-and-kit lugging
> instead. I'm not sure exactly how much stuff we have to lug to know
> whether or not that's feasible. Basically:
> What stuff needs to head north? I will have:
>  * me + 2 bags
>  * d-uk Ts (I expect 2-3 boxes full)

I have 14 small desktop machines, and 14 flat screen monitors plus
keyboards&mice which when I last loaded them into the Landy filled about
half the volume with the back seats folded -- the screens are a bit awkward
to pack properly, so it's possible that more efficient packing will be
achieved by interleaving them with other stuff.

It's also possible to completely remove the back seats foe a little more
room, but then the Landy will be less useful for transport once up in EDI.

With the back seats folded, there is room for the driver, a passenger, and
a small person on the middle seat -- but that would be a pretty painful
option for the victim who gets the middle seat on a trip from the south to EDI.

My plan _was_ to go up on the Friday in the day, but I'm open to persuasion
- -- travelling late might make for an easier trip traffic-wise.

I can probably dig up quite a lot of made-up CAT5 cables, mains
kettle-leads and maybe some 10/100 switches and the like along with other
assorted stuff -- what's needed? (I don't want to fill the van with junk
only to find that other people's stuff no longer fits.

Cheers, Phil.
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