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[Debconf-team] Hotels

Current status on hotels:

 - We're struggling to get anywhere which will let us book 20 rooms (or
   target).  The only place that is currently able to do that is the
   Premier Travel Inn, though we don't seem to be getting much (if any)
   discount for group booking.

 - As discussed in the meeting the plan is to call them back and arrange 
   for people to be able to book on-line or by phone, cutting us out of
   the loop.  If it's not possible to arrange for rooms to be held for
   Debconf I suggest that we should provide people with an ordered list
   of hotels in a similar price range.
 - If we do need to book sponsored rooms for people with special needs
   we'd presumably want to pay for them from Debconf money.  I'm not
   clear exactly what is going on here; it may be best to just handle
   those bookings separately in order to avoid holding up everyone else.

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