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[Debconf-team] of IRC and organisation: a plea to use the mailing lists

Hello all,

I've started to think that heavy use of IRC for organising
this conference is more of a curse than a blessing. The
ability to rapid-fire questions and decisions between team
members offers a short term convenience but means there's
virtually no record of what's going on bar backlogs for
everyone else.

I minuted the monthly meeting before last in record time,
partly because I jotted down the minutes by hand as the
meeting took place, rather than try to read through the
backlog, which has taken me much, much longer to do for
prior minutes.

It also seems that it is very hard for people outside of
the core of the team to figure out what's going on or what
kind of work might need doing. A historical record in the
form of mailing list archives would seem to me to be an
easier way for people to get up to speed.

From this point forward, I'm going to ask questions and post
summaries directly to the lists as much as possible.  Please
do not expect me to pick up on happenings from backlogs,
because it's simply impossible for me to churn through them
in the time I have allocated for debconf work.

Jon Dowland

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