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Re: [Debconf-team] Sponsorship and Papers committee

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 06:19:37PM +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>Similar to last year we need two committees to decide about sponsorship
>(Travel and also Accomodation this year) and the events (talks/papers).
>As the way we did it last year worked pretty good I proposed on IRC to
>keep it like this and also named people that would fit in them. The
>response wasnt negative, so I think it is the way to go, but if you
>want to comment on it - feel free, its not yet set in stone. :)
>First, the sponsorship team. We had a team of 9 members last year who
>took the decision. Most work was done in IRC meetings. It worked similar
>to "I post name, status and amount of money requested" to the channel
>and everyone gives his opinion as yes/no/maybe/pass. That translates to a
>+1,-1,0.5,0 score, which then can be used to sort all people who applied for
>sponsorship and then give out money top-down, as long as money is there.
>Now, for the members of this team:
> - Joerg Jaspert
> - Moray Allan
> - Holger Levsen
> - Amaya
> - Margarita Manterola
> - Neil McGovern
> - Steve McIntyre
> - Anthony Towns - the DPL part, we had Branden last year. :)
> - Martin Wuertele
>Goal here is to have members that are involved with DebConf but also
>know Debian and people involved.
>Next is the papers committee. The working mode of last year was also
>good, so that should also stay the same. A upper limit of 5, maybe 6
>members is there. Last year we had 5, so it should work pretty well.
>The members for that are
> - Joerg Jaspert
> - Enrico Zini
> - Mark Hymers
> - Bdale Garbee

May I nominate both Theodore Tso and Matthew Wilcox. Hopefully they
will accept this nomination.

>I am currently waiting for a response from Steve Langasek and Meike
>Reichle, they both asked to get some time to think about it.
>This selection gets people from the orga team (Mark and me) and people
>that have not much to do with the organisation itself in the committee
>(all the rest).
>bye Joerg
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