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[Debconf-team] DC8 - Mar del Plata, venue report

Hi DebConfers!

First, remember: 
Now on #debconf-team we are going to hold and informal
meeting regarding DebConf8, to see how both teams are standing, show
the extra things done since the previous meeting, and see what's
missing in order to take the decision.

Now, a little venue report from Mar del Plata:

This is the report from the latest visit to the "13 de Julio" Hotel.
This visit was done by Luciano Bello, Marcela Tiznado, Juan Díaz and
Ariel Wainer, on January 13th.  The whole photo-tour made from this
visit can be seen at: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-argentina

=== The Hotel ===

The hotel is quite large.  The lobby is big and has an area set aside
[1] that can be used as our info-desk. This service is free of charge.

There are 5 elevators [2], each of them can carry 8 persons.  The stairs
[3] can be also used to go to the different floors.

The hotel guarantees at least one English speaking person at the
reception, all day long.

Hotel rooms in Argentina tend to be smaller than in other countries.
This hotel is no exception, the rooms are nice but small [4]. All the
people of the room will be entitled to a room-key.

There are only around 10 4-people rooms and 50 3-people rooms.  The rest
will have to be 2-people rooms.  We can probably arrange them to give us
the 4-people rooms prices for everyone, though.

The hotel has a play-room that includes table-tennis and pool tables
[5], flippers [6], and video games [7]

[1]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_2258
[2]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0417
[3]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0454
[4]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0432
[5]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0470
[6]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0472
[7]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0473

=== Electricity and Safety ===

About the electricity, the hacklab will have a three phase supply, and
there are three phase plugs in the the room [1], [2].  The hotel will
give us an electrician to be on-call during the whole duration of the
conference.  The power outlets [3], [4] are the standard in Argentina,
which is very similar to the Australian and Chinese [5], only the the
live and neutral contacts are reversed.

Regarding fire safety, the hotel is prepared, according to national
regulations, with fire extinguishers [6] and fire hoses [7].

[1]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_2283
[2]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_2275
[3]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0461
[4]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_2280
[5]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_AC_power_plugs_and_sockets
[6]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0453
[7]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0466

=== Network ===

The network was prepared for the "Summit of the Americas"[1] in 2005.
There's wi-fi coverage on all the conference-rooms, in the lobby and in
the upper room floors [2], [3], [4].  The wi-fi coverage might be even
more (i.e. include more or all of the room floors) for next year.

The person responsible for the network is an employee of one of the
local ISPs, and they are very flexible regarding our use of the network.
We can basically do whatever we want for the duration of the event.

The hotel is currently subscribed to 4 ADSL lines of not so much
bandwith each one.  We can either hire more ADSL lines of more bandwith,
or use cable, or even fiber, from other providers.  All that's needed is
to pick the provider and hire the connection, the hotel is giving us
freedom to do what we want with their network.

[1]: http://www.summit-americas.org/Default.htm
[2]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0424
[3]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0450
[4]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_2269

=== Food ===

We can have a variety of menues (regular, vegetarian, celiac). There's
one waiter per 20 people.

The place to eat is very close to the hacklab.  It's able to handle the
whole group [1], [2].  It has wi-fi access.

We can ask to have the bar (for drinks) open 24 hs.

[1]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0459
[2]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0452

=== Accessibility Report ===

The whole hotel is prepared for wheel-chair access [1], [2].  There's an
annual congress of disabled lawyers that takes place in this hotel.

There are ramps to get to all places. The elevator doors are 78cm wide,
wide enough to allow a wheel-chair in.  There are two special rooms
prepared for people in wheel-chairs, with bathrooms better equipped [3],

[1]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0408
[2]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0404
[3]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0427
[4]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-venue/IMG_0425

=== Outside the hotel ===

There's a laundr-o-mat on the same block [1], and several Banks and ATMs
[2], [3], [4], 4 blocks away.

There's a private clinic 5 blocks away, which has a contract with the
hotel for emergency services and basic medical assistance.

There are many electronic and computer shops in a 10-block radius.

A taxi from the bus terminal to the hotel is 5 euros.  This is the bus
terminal for common buses, which is on the other side of the city, most
taxi fares will be less than that.

The special "Ezeiza airport" -> "Mar del plata city" bus, ends much
closer to the hotel and can stop just outside on request.

[1]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-city/IMG_2375
[2]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-city/IMG_0518
[3]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-city/IMG_0523
[4]: https://gallery.debconf.org/dc8-MDQ-city/IMG_0541

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