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Re: [Debconf-team] good evening al team of the debconf8

I try to clarify what he is *trolling* about, in Spanish, below.

rootvzla wrote:
> on the other hand wanted to send them this letter to form to remove or
> for withdraw the candidacy of venzuela of the debconf8 since the
> debconf8 in Venezuela this in hands of people that noson responsible
> for if same I refer go them lugs wings people that represent in if al
> sl software free

No se te entiende nada en Inglés, si prefieres explicarte en Español
puedes hacerlo, pero asegúrate bien de lo que estás diciendo, porque las
acusaciones son bastante graves. Ten en cuenta que no tienes, de
entrada, credibilidad ninguna, porque al equipo que organizaría Debconf8
en Venezuela los conocemos en persona, y tú no eres ni siuiera capaz de
identificarte con nombre y apellidos.

Your english is uninteligible. If you'd rather explain yourself in
Spanish, feel welcome to do it, but make sure what you will say is true,
as the accusations you are making are very grave. Also, take into
account that, by default, you have no credibility, as the Orga Team for
Debconf8 in Venezuela is known to us all in Real Life, and you are not
even able to identify yourself with your name and last name.

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