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Re: [Debconf-team] good evening al team of the debconf8

[I'm asking him/her send a quick summary in spanish so spanish people in
the list can understand him/her and translate]


?Podrías enviar un resumen de este mail en español? No se entiende muy
bien tu mail en inglés, y como hay bastantes hispanohablantes en esta
lista, alguno podría traducir más claramente lo que intentas expresar.


On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 06:15:24AM -0400, rootvzla wrote:
> it wanted before that all to give them the good evening and especially that
> have a very happy new year 2007.
> on the other hand wanted to send them this letter to form to remove or for
> withdraw the candidacy of venzuela of the debconf8 since the debconf8 in
> Venezuela this in hands of people that noson responsible for if same I refer
> go them lugs wings people that represent in if al sl software free
> since if they were organized better they left the hatred they left the
> classism they left the racism and they left to participate go them demas
> whose esfuerso has always been protagonico has always been a persistent and
> constant fight has always been a fight whose meaning has been of a lot of
> time lost of a lot of sacrifice therefore I say as human being like the
> person that comenso to see the sl since years ago and since comense to
> seeing courses of linux therefore me daria tristesa to see as treat go them
> us users of linux in communities of the sl in Venezuela.
> but that all because always there are communities that banean a thing is to
> throw joke the other is to play the other is like human beings but accustom
> you humiliate you for the form in which write, they humiliate you for the
> form in which you espresso, and they humiliate you for all provided that
> think somewhat different to them therefore they humiliate you and therefore
> I say they have double face always themselves They carry well to give good
> image perono is true always is given has given that the communities of the
> free software walk unstable by things
> therefore it wanted to do a formal announcement that truly until further
> notice they wait for that themselves organisen the communities of the free
> software in Venezuela to be able to give an opportunity sends them this a
> Venezuelan that has had that to penetrate in a comundidad of which one says
> al inexperienced is respected takes care of themselves al inexperienced but
> where you think and they hate you where feel different things and they hate
> therefore simply therefore a sample that the communities of the software
> free they are not well organized in Venezuela therefore I ask them with
> honor and humility not asepten the candidacy of Venezuela in the debconf8 if
> not that of another pies until further notice
> sinplemente this is not a retalia is not a damage if that is not a new order
> organizacion alone meant excuse me but this it pair before writing it chat
> it with me same and therefore wanted to give him a leccion wings communities
> of the software free aqui in Venezuela paraque leave the hatred paraque
> leave the discriminacion so that they learn to work in team paraque learn to
> resolve its differences in And in healthy deal. therefore I say that simply
> m excuse for this desicion but wanted to cause to arrive although this
> descend them the animos therefore me gustaria truly to give them a leccion
> wings people of the software libreen my pies so that leave to participate
> wings people
> Excuse and that have some very good evening.
>                       [R00TVZL4]

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