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[Debconf-team] Reservations debconf6

***This is a massive mail.***


I'm contacting you since you asked for non-sponsored accommodation: You
selected that on the COMAS interface or you got in touch with me using

You can find the information about accomodation on the Debconf6 website [0].

If you are aiming to book rooms on the Executive Hotel Tepozteco or on
the bungalows, I'd be glad to help you out.

To book the room for you, I need the following information, as soon as
possible, to sponsorship@debconf.org

 - Name of the responsible of the reservation (please, send me only one reservation per room)
 - Arrival date:
 - Departure date:
 - Total amount of nights:
 - Staying on Executive hotel or the bungalows?

After the reservation is confirmed by the Oaxtepec people, I'll mail you
back asking you to fax them your credit card (front and back), plus the
first page of your passport.

Any question you might need, please contact me.


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