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RE: [Debconf-team] Microphones - Any good for the video team?


It?s an MXL Cardioid condenser mic, if you want the exact model I can give
it to you tomorrow, It does?nt include the stand.


Daniel Aspuru

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On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 06:24:29PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Hi,
> I just spoke to a good old friend who has a small recording studio -
> It's nice that Debconf motivates me to get back in touch with old
> friends :) I'm Cc:ing him.

Hi Gunnar, Daniel et al,

> Anyway... My friend cannot lend us much equipment, as he uses what he
> has on an everyday basis - But he offered something that might be
> enough for the smaller room: A condenser-based good quality enviroment
> microphone. This microphone uses phantom power, so we would need a
> suitable console.

That would be brilliant! Our desks do indeed support phantom power.

> Note that I reproduced the above paragraph from what he told me on the
> phone, more or less in the same way a Walmart employee would reproduce
> the characteristics of a PC ;-) So I might have mis-copied some terms.
> Now, the question is for you video guys: Do you think we could use
> those microphones?

Yes, definately :) Do you have a make/model number so I can work out
which venue I can use it in? Also, does it come with a mic stand? :)

Many thanks,
Neil McGovern
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