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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: translation for intel talk


On Tuesday 18 April 2006 09:56, Amaya wrote:
> Also, a couple of weekends ago, I was at a conference where they had a
> screenshot of the speaker's slides on a website in real time (good for
> people with sight problems like me, poorly lit places or misplaced
> projectors). Of course it made a lot of sense because they were
> streaming a video of the speaker.
> If there is interest, I volunteer to set the required stuff up. It is
> just a couple of scripts, one runs in the speaker's laptop, one in the
> web server, and a little scp magic.

Welcome to the video team :) or so...

Setting this up on each and every notebook of each speaker is lots of work, 
thats (one of the reasons) why we want (to use) presentation notebooks (when 

While I agree this scp_slides2webserver is a good idea in general 
(especiallyif we do streaming), it might not be suited for "real" mixing with 
the video stream - maybe it is, dunno yet. 

The alternative would be what Enrico described in 


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