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[Debconf-team] Not working towards some visas


Nadezhda and I, as the responsable people for the attendees' stay (and
exit) in the country, have decided _not_ to request visa for all of
the people that have requested it. Why? Because we don't have any
reference for some of them, and we don't want to be held responsible
for them. I am sorry for handling this in a list with open archives,
but please, if somebody knows better any of them, please correct us.

Case 1: Akwasi Pee/Joseph Mathew/Emile Haba (uses all of the names),
from Gambia. Provides two names, has addresses in Gambia and Senegal;
we have the scan of his passport, but don't know who he is. Regarding
his involvement in Debian or interest in Debconf, he answers:

>Actually,i am not involved in any project related with Debian but
>Debconf has been growing rapidly over the past years and i have been
>hearing about it and with my participant i hope to achieve my gools
>and also to be a great member.
>I really have a great intrest to participate.
>Thanks and still waiting to hear from your good office very soon but
>please do not hesitate to make any enquires from me if needed.

I feel this to be a 419-like thing. I'm sorry for judging people I
don't know, and if somebody can speak on behalf of them, we will
request their visas as well.

Case 2: Sunday John, from Nigeria. We have already gone over his case
in IRC, IIRC - I don't have more information on his case. Seems 419 as
well. His name is too generic, so I found no references for him in

Case 3: Hassan Elzahiri, from Egypt. Claims to be a legal advisor. We
also have his passport scan - at least he is _one_ person :) He is a
legal advisor for an Egyptian company. He provides no clue on his
involvement in Debian (claims to be a non-DD maintainer, although that
could be because he does not know the nature of the project). A quick
search on Google gives me only this for his name:


as well as our own site. All of them are conferences or travel offers
with little if any relation between them, and he is interested in
attending them all.

Going through the list, I found some other people I have never heard
of, all of them in Central Africa. I know we should encourage people
in that region to participate in Debian, but we are simply not willing
to take the risk with INM for them, unless somebody we know recommends
them. The other names are:

GODFRED BAFFOUR ASAMOAH (Gambia): Non-DD maintainer. Comments: I WILL

ADESANYA SAMUEL ADEJUWON (Nigeria): Non-DD maintainer. Comments: nil


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