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[Debconf-team] Prices for connecting via Cablemás


Jair just sent me the pricing for the Cablemás lines:

- Setup fee: MX$285
- 1Mbps service (per month): MX$618
- 2Mbps service (per month): MX$1770
- Early cancellation fee: MX$290
- Installation time: 5 or 6 working days (working days means Monday to

So each 1Mbps line would cost us MX$1193, and each 2Mbps would be
MX$2345 - I suggest we hire five 2Mbps services. If possible, I would
also suggest to have something via Telmex (DSL), just to be sure.

We can receive the lines either at Oaxtepec itself (pros: We are
there, no wireless link needed, we control the infrastructure) or at
Fabio's cafe (pros: He has other connectivity options, so we could beg
him for help if all else fails ;-) ), or maybe even half and half.


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