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[Debconf-team] can't come to debconf6

As it turns out, I will not be able to come to debconf6 to mexico.
I'll will either have no time because of my work, or no money because of no
work - as of today it's unclear which of both, but quite sure it will be one
of these two.

I think I will be able to help a bit with the team coordination from home,
and, if it's clear who will do it in my place, I have some helpful hints
about do's and don'ts.
I'll probably get to write a small helper application for scheduling the
volunteers with the different skills for all the talks, so this doesn't need
to be made with a fat OO.org spreadsheet. If not, I can at least provide the
spreadsheets I used last time, but I think I'll get this done.

So far, I guess it will still become a great debconf6 and you'll have a lot
of fun.


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