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Re: [Debconf-team] Authentication for food

Alexander Schmehl dijo [Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 10:56:38AM +0100]:
> > > (Maybe Ganneff who is always hungry... but didn't someone told us, the
> > > portions there are even big enough for him?)
> > Well, YOU'll go get me some food if he rips off my badge and gets extra
> > serving pretending he was me ;)
> That's for sure.  Seeing Ganneff pretending to be 1.68m high would be
> worth to loose one meal :)

Wait - Do I have to get height/weight/photo information in the
nametags? :-O

Seriously though... We could request for a photo and add it, but I
don't think that'd make much sense... Specially given that nametags
are quite small and I prefer the name to be readable than to be
redundant with the face.

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