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Re: debconf6 video and infrastructure wishlist and notes

On 10458 March 1977, Rudy Godoy wrote:

>> > Unless the debconf6 team decides that the contents of the talk has to
>> > be licenced under a DFSG free licence and that it has to be viewable
>> > (without drawbacks) with DFSG free tools. I would applaud such a
>> > decission.
>> I would also find that, indeed, very nice.
> Another vote here. COMAS should include a note on talk proposal,
> together with licence, regarding that (IMHO) very important issue.

That should be no problem to add. Its not that we are already behind the
CfP and near to the conference where anyone could argue that he didnt
know about it.

Gunnar, Andreas - can we please have such a thing in Comas? A clear
"Your talk has to be viewable with software in Debian main or software
out of contrib!"?

There are a lot of tools for that, we could also open a debconf-speakers
list for all speakers, where on can talk about such stuff, ie ask with

bye Joerg
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