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Oaxtepec update

I just called Beatriz Cabrera again. We went through the following

1- I still have not received the rules for the use of Oaxtepec. She
   says she will send it to me.
2- I told her we will use one of the two work areas for three extra
   hours a day, closing it at 24:00. This, as I mentioned earlier,
   will mean ~MX$600 extra per day.
3- I asked her to mail me a copy of the quote with the latest changes
   included, so we have this formal document.
4- Regarding Andreas' request so that the last 10% is paid at the end
   of the conference, she told me it is definitively not possible. In
   fact, in the quote we have already, we have to pay _110%_ 10 days
   beforehand. The extra 10% will be used in case we break something
   or require extra spaces/rooms/whatever, and will be returned to us
   in the 10 days after we leave the premises.
5- Cabling: We can pass cables everywhere, as long as we do not breeak
   anything. We can enter their premises even some days before we
   formally start in order for the telecom company to connect and
   start the service.
6- They usually serve breakfast between 8:00 and 9:30, lunch between
   14:30 and 16:30 and dinner between 20:00 and 22:00 - We can ask
   them to move the hours as we need (although they serve nothing
   after 22:00, we can arrange our own midnight snacks in the hotel

She asked me to send her a confirmation/reservation letter, so she
reserves the rooms for us, including setting a date for the first
payment - I will be setting this to six weeks from now. 

I am sending a copy of this mail to Daniel Ceballos, the person in
AMESOL who will work closest to us, and to my, Gabriela Manjarrez
wife, who will be our accountant / budgetteer.

Daniel, Gaby: You are both welcome (should I say, expected?) to take
part in the next Debconf meeting, this Sunday at 19:00 UTC (14:00
Central Mexican time). Daniel: It would be great if you have an answer
regarding the bank account we must open (what we talked about on the
phone earlier today) by then. 


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