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Re: Website

* Luciano Bello <luciano@linux.org.ar> [2005-10-12 17:16:04]:

> hi! seems debconf.org is back online! who is the maintainer of this? who
> should be asked to start installing the mambo/whatever we are going to
> use?

i will ping him to send me access data for the debconf6

*WILL* we use a CMS? I was not entirely happy with last year's
CMS (Dupral). I did not find editing content so easy and
intuitive as i would have liked.

i know peterk (the guy who agreed to take care of content and
structure of the webpage and who is good at keeping stuff
intuitive) likes to work from a repository and update the content
automatically out of svn. i doubt that is so easy with dupral.
Peter, is that true?

Agnieszka (aka pixelgirl): what did you envision? a website from
scratch, without an underlying CMS?


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