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Re: Start working for debconf6

* Martín Ferrari <martin.ferrari@gmail.com> [2005-09-30 18:23:15]:

> Well, since nobody spoke out on the contrary, I have just set up trac
> in my machine. Please be kind with it, it's old and fragile =). I have
> also copied the pages from w.d.n regarding to DebConf6. Tell me if I
> forgot to copy something.

i talked to people about trac and they tell me it is well suited
to plan and handle coding projects. that fits the impression that
i got when looking at it.

in the mean time i tried ganttproject from ganttproject.sf.net.
it seems to have all the features that we need (besides that it
requires a proprietary runtime library) and would have been my
choice since it's data could have been stored in your svn
repository nicely and we could reuse it easily next year.

after Alexander Schmehl (Tolimar) showed me this article
i now would lean towards taskjuggler. it is a debian paket. 

Martin could you please install *that* and give me an account so
that i can produce the timeline/roadmap for the conf asap and
more people have a chance to look at it and fill in their details
before sunday?


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