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Re: Dates?

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@kheops.frmug.org> [2005-10-10 07:09:25]:

> Pals, I'm lurking in the mailing list to follow what's happening in
> debconf organization.
> Are the dates mentioned by Gunnar definitive (Apr 29 to May 15)?
> I need to plan my schedule (I use to book things as early as possible)
> and May isn't the most convenient moment for me so I need to plan
> everything VERY early.
> No pressure on you and if things aren't definitive (and for instance
> decided on next meeting), just say so.
> Actually, I suggest you post some info, at least about Debconf dates,
> as early as possible so that everyone can arrange their own schedule.
> And probably securing the dates very early anyway.
> PS: current rates I get for flights to Mexico City are about 680EUR....

i think now is not necessarily the cheapest time yet. they still
can get cheaper until 10 weeks before the event. what do others

apropos dates: it in fact would help to come out of with the
dates as early as possible. i work on the timeline/the milestones
of the event right now and I, too, would like to know if the
29th-15th are ok now. They are for me. Can we decide this real
soon now? Imho we dont need to wait for the meeting.


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