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Re: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

* Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> [2005-10-07 16:57:43]:
> 1- About Andreas' question regarding payments (suggesting 30-30-30-10,
>    with one payment after the end of the conference): 
> They cannot accept payment after the conference - It's the place's
> policy, and they always work like that.

do they have any way to put our worries to rest even though they
get all the money ahead of time? do we have any security or
bargining position? do they intent to meet us half way regarding
the risk? possible ways are to reduce the price (which would be
something like a 30-30-30-0 (c:  If they dont do that (which they
wont) you could also ask for contacts of former conferences held
there and talk to those and see how those went from the
perspective of the customer, so we could learn from them. perhaps
you mexican guys could do some clever (google?) searching to find
previous customers independently. more recent customers would be
better. That would allow us to improve your converence by
avoiding their mistakes and perhaps nail down some special things
in the contract or communicate with the hotel especially about
those problems (should they be applicable to us).

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