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Re: Infrastructure to hack & videostream: what do we have / need

Hi Martin,

On Monday 04 April 2005 23:29, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> I'm interested in helping the videostream effort. I kind-of dropped
> out of the discussion because it wasn't clear I would be actually able
> to go to Debconf, but I've just gotten confirmation, so it's all go.

thats two good news in one :)

> > I would like to propose a meeting with you, mooch and liiwi, some time
> > soon on irc at #debconf-team, this week at european daytime prefered.
> I'd be glad to join if the time can be made somewhat NZ-friendly ;)

a suggestion: Monday, April 11th 19:00 UTC ? or 10:00 UTC ? Other suggestions 
welcome... mooch, liiwi ?

> > - we need 3 firewire video cameras with tripods (assuming we have 3
> > simulatious timeslots)
> I've got 1FW camera -- sony handy consumer camera, not very sophisticated.

you also got a tripod ? or 2 :) ?

> > - we need 3 servers with firewire for video-recordings and streaming
> > (3ghz, 200gb hd)
> > - we need one person or team responsible to get volunteers maintain the
> > cameras and actual recordings!
> I'm available to help in the setup of the servers and the general
> videostream mgmt. I haven't got my tickets yet but I'm aiming to get
> there on the 8th.



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