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[Fwd: Re: Debconf5 proposal]

Here it goes some info about the building.


We are getting furniture for the same price. We are also getting a last
cleaning round for an extra 1000e. I am also checking some other sources for
the cleaning. Today I will have an answer, probably.

The building is 20Ke, and we get beds for 67 people, plus inflatable matresses
we can bring, and others we might get from other sources. Again this is for
the 1-18 dates we had in mind.

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> Subject: Re: Debconf5 proposal
> Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:07:19 +0200
> Climent Jesus (Nokia-M/Helsinki) wrote:
> > Could we have an update on this issue? We need to know some details
> > about the situation:
> Yes, of course. Again I must apologize for the delay. The people in our 
> organization has also changed since last year. I am now chairman of the 
> excecutive board and will continue Matti's work. I will still continue 
> to tend to the Debconf5-matter. I will also include our head of economy, 
> Erkki Koski in this conversation.
> > Readyness of the building.
> The buildings are being completed on time. At the moment they are ahead 
> of schedule. If you wish to use them we will have to decide on this very 
> soon, so we can get the construction company to hand over the building a 
> week in advance.
> > Final stimate on the price.
> > If some services will be included, like cleaning at the end of the event
> > and such.
> TKY will, as before rent buildings for 20000? per building which now 
> includes furniture. The buildings will contain beds for approx 67 
> persons per building, but with extra mattreses (not provided) you should 
> be able to fit all participants in one building. The furniture's 
> readynes is being checked with Puustelli who is providing it. The 
> Athlete's village organization told me to prepare a small fee for 
> cleaning, like 1000? or so. We are checking in to that but at least it 
> shouldn't be any larger than that.
> > Please, answer with the highest priority, at least giving an
> > acknoledgement that some work is being done.
> We are working on this, but are still dependent on many external 
> factors. I appreciate the patience you have shown in this matter and 
> admit that organizing this event hasn't been as fast as I'd hoped myself 
> on the TKY side.
> A question: What is the judicial status of the Deboconf5-organisation? 
> Is there some company or registered association behind it? Who is 
> authorized to sign contracts and make final decisions? This information 
> will help us in drawing up the contract.
> With best regards,
> Christian Elg

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