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weekly report week 3

this week i spend most time stalking sponsors:
- IBM has a max_limit of 10k$US and seems willing to GIVE ALL!
  - they have special design requirements, we must ask our
    designer what he thinks. whats his email?
- ARM seems very willing
- F-Secure will help, somehow
- O'Reilley has redirected me to the england office and we have
  to deal with someone new now.
- LinuxNewMedia (linuxmagazine) approached
- RedHat wants to help, will send developers, at least
- Canonical is considering an alternative form of participation
  (talked to Mark)
- NetApp retriggered
- Dell: dug up the european marketing director, got forwarded to
  the alliences department.
- NUUGF will help in various ways. how could they help best?
- Trolltech approached
- SuSE: approached, needs mail
- even more?

initial work on invitations for people requireing them: Aschwin
will send them.

won Telsa (wife of Alan Cox) for provereading the website.
she could also come up with helpfull text for the registration.

registration texts sent to gwolf

aschwin revamped the spreadsheet for the budget (and i
contributed two ideas). this looks much better and more usefull

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