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Re: Hostway's Sponsorship of DebConf5

* Drew Mitchell (drew.mitchell@hostway.com) [050114 21:08]:
> Hi Andreas,
> Simon Kirby let me know about an opportunity to sponsor your DebConf5 show.
> We're interested in sponsoring the t-shirts you will be distributing.
> Please let me know the costs, how many t-shirts will be distributed and what
> you would need from us.

That is great news, Drew! Thank you!

we aim for 250 T-shirts with 4-color print right now. since
registration has not started yet we cant tell yet if we will have
more participants then that.

i will come back to you with a preliminary price as soon as i
have one.

>From you as a sponsor we need your logo both in web usable format
(aka png, gif or jpg format, preferable in different sizes) and a
vector based format for the printing material and the t-shirt
(encapsulated postscript would be best).

those you can send us right away so we can put the logo up
on the website.

Thanks again!


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