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[Fwd: Debconf5 proposal]

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> From: ext Christian Elg <christian.elg@tky.hut.fi>
> To: Jesus.Climent@nokia.com
> Cc: heikki.saikkonen@nokia.com, Matti Kuronen <matti.kuronen@tky.hut.fi>, Rauli Oikarinen <rauli.oikarinen@tky.hut.fi>
> Subject: Debconf5 proposal
> Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 10:45:03 +0300
> Hi!
> Here is our initial proposal based on the first paper I sent you some 
> weeks ago. The offer may slide as we get more detailed calculations but 
> it will give you an idea about the price per person.
> BR
> Christian

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