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More news about the room situation: [was: Re: FW: Debconf @ HUT ]

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> From: ext Christian Elg <christian.elg@tky.hut.fi>
> To: Climent Jesus (Nokia-NRC/Helsinki) <jesus.climent@nokia.com>
> Cc: heikki.saikkonen@nokia.com, Matti.kuronen@tky.hut.fi, Rauli.oikarinen@tky.hut.fi
> Subject: Re: FW: Debconf @ HUT
> Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 10:27:08 +0300
> On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 16:37, Climent Jesus (Nokia-NRC/Helsinki) wrote:
> > On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 13:54, ext Christian Elg wrote:
> > The situation with the rooms looks quite promising. Looks there are
> > several risks but seem to be quite moldable.
> I would agree to that.
> > Questions that have been raised:
> > 
> > ~ would it be possible to put 2/3 people in a room? (provided that
> > TKK/TKY does not have to provide the beds).
> Yes of course. This is quite possible depending on the size of the room
> and how comfortable the people will want to be.
> > - what is the status with other facilities: conference rooms with
> > presentation equipment, computer facilities in the area which could be
> > used for hacking sessions...? (we had a hacklab for 90+ people in
> > Brazil, and a similar place would be great to have, inside the campus)
> This is something that HUT could provide, but you will have to discuss
> this with them. As I understood while talking to Raija Valtiala at HUT
> they have preliminary reserved some spaces for you.
> TKY can only provide the dormatory spaces.
> > - will it be possible to get/use places for a gala dinner or other
> > vennues (smokki, rantasauna,...)?
> I'll look in to this. I can't at this point say anything about
> availability but there are lots of places to have a gala dinner and the
> likes in Otaniemi.
> > Regarding the price, we were paying for debconf4 $US 40 per room per
> > night, for 4 people (around 7€ per room per night per person).
> > 
> > What is the price range we are talking here?
> Our secretary general is on vacation right now so I haven't got an exact
> figure for you right now. The IAAF will want to equip the rooms with
> their furniture in July and the rooms will have to be cleaned after
> Debconf leaves and so on. Also if we want to avoid VAT we have to rent
> whole buildings instead of dorms so you see there are a lot of unclear
> aspects to the price.
> I'll simply have to get back to you on this point. I will meet tomorrow
> morning with our financial chief and go over all the aspects and we'll
> see what we can offer.
> BR
> Christian

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