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Debian Reunion Hamburg 2021


I'm glad to finally be able to send out this invitation for the "Debian Reunion
Hamburg 2021" taking place at the venue of the 2018 & 2019 MiniDebConfs!

The event will run from Monday, Sep 27 2021 until Friday Oct 1 2021, with
Sunday, Sep 26 2021 as arrival day. IOW, Debian people meet again in Hamburg.
The exact format is less defined and structured than previous years, probably
we will just be hacking from Monday to Wednesday, have talks on Thursday and
a nice day trip on Friday.

Please read https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2021/DebianReunionHamburg
if you intend to attend, especially
(registration is mandatory for this event!)

Probably having some video coverage would be very nice to have, though due to
this very late announcement I'm not sure we'll really have talks and the need
for video. The event is in 3.5 weeks and will take place, either as a very
small hack meeting, or somewhat bigger. We certainly want videoing if we have
talks - and if you could help with this that would be very great!

Last and definitly not least, financial sponsors for the event would be great.
If you can support the "Debian Reunion Hamburg 2021", please contact me

Now, late, after weeks of wondering if and how to do this event, I'm finally
and very much looking forward to it, to meet some Debian folks at least & for
some shared Debian hacking. Definitly not the 2021 event I had in mind after
the 2019 one, but something I feel I can responsibly do & enjoy.

So, hoping to see some of you soon & most of you later! ;-) Sad but true, and
at least something for some people. We should all do more *local* events. And
more *online* events too, eg I think this is a great idea too:

See you!


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