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Re: feedback MiniDebConf HH 2018

Hi Thomas,

not sure if you are subscribed, thus cc:ing you…

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 06:19:24PM +0200, Thomas Koch wrote:
> First, thanks! Now for the complaints :-)

thanks for your feedback!

> The noisy nights impaired my sleep and well being quiet heavily. Maybe we can check next time with the venue whether they are aware of any noisy events and warn people accordingly.

I've noted "tell people to bring ear-plugs" which is a good
recommendation for conferences anyway, especially if you dont know your

the problem with planning an event and choosing a date without parties
is that parties can always be added later.

> There were no abstracts for the talks. It was not easy to decide whether to go to a talk or not.

I've noted "abstracts for the talks would be nice".

> There was no good place for sponsors to put marketing material and the one place where there was some, was also used by a company that wasn't a sponsor. A place in the conference room would've been preferred to one in the hacklab.

which was the company which wasnt a sponsor and put stuff there?

also, when we choose the place to put stuff, it was still part of the
conference room and was then later decided to become a seperate hacklab.

> I got no confirmation by mail that I actually got a room reserved. But I trusted Natty on that. :-)

I've noted "bed-reception: should confirm people who booked/asked for a

> It's Wednesday evening and I'd like to get my money back from Google but still wait for the invoices for my Room, the sponsorship and the corporate registration.

I'm sorry, Monday was a holiday and a needed day for resting, yesterday
we (dock europe and me) were busy researching who needs to pay for what
for beds and some for cleaning and now Dock Europe is waiting to get the
all snail mail addresses (to be able to create the invoices in one batch)
because they were not collected properly during the miniDebConf.

The invoice for Google sponsorship is ready since an hour now and waiting
for me to send out, the invoice for your corporate sponsorship will
hopefully be ready later today too.

Thanks a lot for all "your" / Googles sponsorship, "btw"!

> And some nice stuff:

oh! :)

> The cantina is great!

I'll pass that on…!

> Although the venue is still under construction, it has a cozy charme.
> The organization was great otherwise!


> Thank you!!!

thanks! & thanks a lot for your detailed feedback!


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