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Re: From Cuba about MiniDebConf Hamburg

Hi Leonel,

I haven't got much to say, as I missed Jathan's talk as I was busy with
organizing, but as you cc:ed me I thought I reply anyway! ;-)

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 07:30:38PM -0400, Leonel Salazar Videaux wrote:
> First of all congratulations for your success during MiniDebConf Hamburg
> 2018.


> From Cuba we couldn't stay up-to-date until yesterday and today downloading
> some of the recordings and slides...

awww. pity!

(out of curiosity: is the filesize of the videos also a problem or is
that fine/ok once you got internet access?)

> In behave of the Cuban Free Technologies Users Group (GUTL in Spanish) and
> my local Debian community in Holguín I want to say thank you all for having
> Jonathan Bustillos and give him the chance to share a little of our work
> trying to help The Debian Project as much as we can. I've seen his talk and
> listened your questions, as you know Jonathan is Mexican, not Cuban and he
> hasn't all the data needed to answer your questions, so I want to offer
> myself for taking your questions about any topic and give you all the
> responses needed to clarify and explain to you, no matter if it is privately
> or public to discuss using the list.

Thank you very much for this! (even if I have no questions now, because…
see above ;)

> Finally just want to say SORRY for using this channel so late but just now
> we were able to get the materials.

no need to say/be sorry at all. It's not even been a week! :)

> Regards from Cuba.
> Hope to see some of you in DebConf someday!

yes! and/or do a mini debconf in Cuba? ;-)


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