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From Cuba about MiniDebConf Hamburg

Hello everyone!

First of all congratulations for your success during MiniDebConf Hamburg 2018.

From Cuba we couldn't stay up-to-date until yesterday and today downloading some of the recordings and slides...

In behave of the Cuban Free Technologies Users Group (GUTL in Spanish) and my local Debian community in Holguín I want to say thank you all for having Jonathan Bustillos and give him the chance to share a little of our work trying to help The Debian Project as much as we can. I've seen his talk and listened your questions, as you know Jonathan is Mexican, not Cuban and he hasn't all the data needed to answer your questions, so I want to offer myself for taking your questions about any topic and give you all the responses needed to clarify and explain to you, no matter if it is privately or public to discuss using the list.

Finally just want to say SORRY for using this channel so late but just now we were able to get the materials.

Regards from Cuba.
Hope to see some of you in DebConf someday!


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