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Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022 - Preliminary Schedule and Unconference

Hi everybody,


Talks will be on Saturday and Sunday morning. We finally assembled the
first version of the talk schedule of the Debian Reunion Hamburg:


If you are a speaker and cannot make your slot, please contact us at
cfp@hamburgreunion.debian.net as soon as possible in order to update the


For everybody who submitted a BoF or a workshop, or who wants to give a
talk on short notice, we plan to organize an unconference on Thursday
and Friday, stay tuned.

Lightning Talks

We plan to have a Lightning Talks session on Sunday before lunch.
Further details will be announced next week, but you can already start
thinking about your lightning talk!

Half-Day Trip

On Saturday afternoon a day-trip is currently being planned, with
further details to be announced next week.

Cheese & Wine Party

There will be a Cheese & Wine party on Friday from 8PM. For details, see

Last bed(s) Left

There might be one or two beds left at Dock Europe; if you still need
accommodation, please mail Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> as soon
as possible.

Hope to see you all in Hamburg next week,

Michael, for the Debian Reunion Organizers

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