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Traveling to Prizren by car

(I have sent a similar question on IRC, but the machine where the IRC 
client was running experienced a series of power failures so I may 
have missed a reply. Sorry if this comes to you twice)

I consider coming to Prizren by car, via Northern Macedonia.

The problem is, I have no idea what to expect, so I have questions :)

I know I have to buy a Liability Insurance at the border. Should 
I expect to find one at the Bardovci/Elez Han border? What signs 
should I look for?

Is there a suitable parking place around the venue, preferably 
a guarded and/or locked one?

For the route from Skopje to Prizren, OSM suggests a route via Strpce 
(90km distance). Would you recommend that too or should I use the 
highways via Pristine (160km)?

One question that is not related to transportation, but I can't find 
the answer on the web site. Is it generally OK to pay via credit/debit 
card? Are cards broadly accepted or should I prepare enough cash?

Any other general hints?

    -- dam

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