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FreedomBox at DebConf

Hi everyone,

It was lovely to meet many of you at DebConf last month. Thanks to
everyone who came to my session about FreedomBox!

I was very excited to see that the Debian community remains very
invested in FreedomBox. Some of you even expressed interest in getting
involved in our project. For those who want to get involved, I'm sharing
a link which gives more information. The FreedomBox Foundation published
a news item last week about DebConf, which also includes a list of
resources for anyone who wants to get involved. Check it out:

I hope you'll follow up and join the FreedomBox community, whether
you're a casual user or a designer/coder. We even have an open
conference call happening on our Mumble channel this Saturday, August
10th at 14:00 UTC. I hope some of you will join us!

Thanks again for such an enjoyable week!



Danny Haidar*
Vice-President for Product & Development
FreedomBox Foundation

* Not admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction.
Nothing in this email constitutes legal advice.
I cannot establish any attorney-client relationships.

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