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Re: MiniDebConf Curitiba 2018: registration open, call for speakers, call for sprints

2017-12-19 11:18 GMT-02:00 Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>:
I have no sprint to organize, but I intent to extend my visit to Brazil
several weeks, to meet and collaborate with Debian and Debian-related
communities, on the topic of packaging and (for derivatives) ways to
stay close to Debian a.k.a. being a Debian Blend.

I would very much appreciate help getting in touch with such communities
- preferably early so that we and I can plan ahead my journey in Brazil.

​Hey you!
Come to MiniDebConf and i promise to arrange some drinks (maybe some foods too) made with guaraná :)​
​I'm not really sure about how much of that i can find in Curitiba, but i'll try my best.​

PS- You showed me and kanashiro the Guaraná Power commercials at this year's DebConf, but i bet you remember that.

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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