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Re: "Breaking Cliques at Events"

Chris Lamb wrote...

>   The rule is: For every year you have attended the event, you should
>   try to meet that many new people each day.

This smells like a pyramid scheme, aren't these illegal?

> :)


However, cliques isn't one of the bigger problems of a DebConf. They do
exist but I didn't get the impression they behave like a closed event
who don't allow other people to join.

Still I consider it a good idea to create awareness for newcomers, so
thanks for your input, and I understood your "rule" as somewhere
between "self-imposed" and "resolution". However I'd discourage from
everything that *forces* people to do something. So it boils down to an
advice to the elder: Are there some people around that are new and seem
a bit lost? Then don't hesitate to approach them - and respect if they
prefer to be left alone.

Now in order to add some practical value, two things I did and

Use the key signing not just for ID and fingerprint validation - talk
to each other, ask for involvement in Debian, why you came to the event
etc.etc. This also improves your memory whose keys you've signed.¹

Volunteer for a task where you meet people: The Front Desk night shifts
I did in Montreal were an interesting experience. Although the location
was not as exciting as interior garden, it helped me to meet people -
and they are always grateful if someone is there who welcomes them even
it's 2am.

And an advice for the newcomers: Don't be too shy, we are all human
beings. Even if it's The. Debian. Project. Leader. You may look at him.
You may even talk to him.


¹ ObXKCD: #364

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