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Re: "Breaking Cliques at Events"


On 10.12.2017 17:23, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi -discuss,
> I came across this recently…
>   http://ericholscher.com/blog/2017/dec/2/breaking-cliques-at-events/
> Leading to:
>   The rule is: For every year you have attended the event, you should
>   try to meet that many new people each day.

I also come with the same document, but I like more the other link:


We already implement some of such tips, but we could formalize
(institutionalize) more.

About your proposal:

IMHO, the "braking cliques" could work with BDFL and the larger (and
shorter) conferences, but in our case, our core attendants will have no
target person just after few days, and a newcomers (and other attendees)
will be surrounded by attendees which needs new links.

We are also a lot smaller conference, so with more intimate environment,
and I think it is also easier to newcomer to discuss with the "old
ones". We have many social informal events (drink gathering, the game
with unspeakable rules, etc.). These work for us, because we are small.
And I like the lunch queue, they helps meet new people.

Finally, I think we have a higher ratio of new people: continental
rotation of DebConf helps. IMHO this makes our conferences less

Note: being "small helps", but too small it also intimidating: I cannot
hide myself in a mini-debconf (the initial fear that I don't fit in)


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