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[Debconf-discuss] Debian mobile devices photo: Your device needed!


our Official Photographer™ agreed to take photos of mobile
devices running Debian (or similar OS, e.g. Raspbian).

When:  Today, Tuesday, coffee break 16:15
Where: Hacklab behind the cafeteria ("hamm")

The photos can be used for promoting Debian and free software on
mobile devices.

So far, we have:

 - one Samsung smart phone from Cascardo
 - one Pyra handheld prototype from EvilDragon
 - one ZeroPhone prototype from Arsenijs
 - one N900 from OSSguy
 - two PocketChips from tzafrir and singpolyma

If you have one of the devices mentioned above, or, even better,
other devices, such as an OpenMoko, bring it for the photo!

Thanks in advance!

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