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[Debconf-discuss] Ideas for you travel back home

Many of you are going to suffer from long waiting times and flaky internet connectivity or none at all while traveling back home. How about downloading some of the video talks while you are here to watch them offline? Do it now so you wont forget later!! [0]

Thanks to the video team, this is feasible very early this year!
If there's a particular video that you enjoy, you might consider subtitling it afterwards or while you watch it. Subtitling basically includes transcribing what you hear to a text file, which can be then sync with the video afterwards.
There are many videos and few people doing subtiling, so it is unlikely to step over the work of somebody else, but if  you consider doing some subtitling work, read our quickie debconf 2016 [1]
Give us a holler in IRC [2] to check first if you dont want to risk it or head to our wiki [3] for tricks around offline subtitling or to get a lock on a particular file if you really want to make sure nobody is already working on that.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of debconf 2016!

[0] http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2016/debconf16/

[1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Subtitles#A_QUICKIE_.28IMPORTANT_STUFF_TO_KNOW_for_debconf_2016.29

[2] irc://#debconf-subs@irc.debian.org
[3] https://debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Subtitles

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