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[Debconf-discuss] 3 laptops missing from Menzies 12

Hello everyone,

We were irresponsible and left our laptops in the room (Menzies 12) when going for the group photo shoot earlier today.
They were gone when we got back.

So, 3 laptops.
Chirayu Desai (me):
Samsung Chromebook, 11", Silver, has Android and Google Code-in stickers.

Kai-Chung Yan:
Acer E5-551G (E15), black, 15.6", GSoC 15 sticker, Chinese text by the keyboard, screen a little dusty 

Keerthana Krishnan:
Acer netbook, 11", black, green Software Conservancy Freedom sticker.

We've talked with the front desk, campus security, filed a report, etc.

Just wanted to let you guys know.

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