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[Debconf-discuss] Dance party, not BOF :)


So, I'd like to have a dance party thursday evening, from 8 to
exhaustion of dancers. Probably in Happy Feet hacklab.

If you like to dance, come along! Put on your most outrageous clothes,
or the most comfortable ones. Come for 5 minutes or the whole night.
Preferably bring your friends. You can bring alcohol if it helps you get
crazy on the dancefloor, or just to share beer with people.

I'll bring some electro/pop/disco music, and some old rock&roll. Bring
your favorite music on USB or your computer ready-to-play (please have
the music *before*, because selecting music from youtube, deezer or
equivalents is not very practical when internet connection is shaky).
All kinds of music/dancing is welcome !

We can use my computer to put the music on, but I haven't solved the
stereo/amplifier/speakers situation yet (if you have hints, they're
welcome). If you're willing to come 30 minutes earlier to help move the
furniture, that's great :)

I hope to see you there!


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