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[Debconf-discuss] New to Debian? Need to recruit volunteers? Looking for something new to do, even though you've been Debian-ing for a while?

Hi Debconfers,

Tue 3 PM: In this structured session, task-seekers will describe what they like doing, meet currently-active contributors, and find fun, productive things to do as part of the Debian project. If you're excited about contributing to Debian, or if you already are contributing but need help with something, this is the session for you.


- We need EXPERIENCED PEOPLE willing to talk about what they do.

- We need NEWCOMERS willing to think about different parts of Debian.

- We need EXPERIENCED PEOPLE who are shopping around for a new part of Debian to get involved in.

Therefore I hope you'll show up! Menzies 12; details: https://debconf16.debconf.org/talks/83/

-- Asheesh.

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