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[Debconf-discuss] Tuesday morning run at 7:30

On 02.07.2016 20:10, Jens Reyer wrote:
> I'll be going for a run tomorrow morning, leaving at the reception at
> 7:30. I aim for 40 minutes, slow to medium speed, whatever suits the
> group. I haven't planned any route, just following my nose and toes,
> unless somebody has a route in mind.
> Anybody interested in joining?

I'll go for another run tomorrow morning.

Last time was really good: I first circled parts of UCT campus, ending
up on a bicycle single trail, then left campus where I met a lot of
other local runners. The first part was a bit hilly, the latter quite
flat. So we have sufficient options depending on what the group wants.

Anybody interested in this run to handle any Wine&Cheese party
aftermaths? ;->

jre (jere21)

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