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Re: [Debconf-discuss] remote participation in DebConf

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki dijo [Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 07:53:56PM -0400]:
> A dedicated irc proxy volunteer is probably what would be wanted. It is
> not really a video team task. The talkmeister ought to be watching the
> clock and passing the microphone, not looking at irc. (incidentally,
> there's no really strong reason the talkmeister has to be a video team
> person, either.)

Either that, or rework the team definition into a broader (or
separate?) "talk facilitation team", which tries to ensure talks
progress smoothly and cover all needed issues for
participants. Because also putting the talkmeisters within the
videoteam umbrella means caring for things that are somewhat accessory
to what they are trying to achieve.

So, several tasks that could be part of this talk facilitation team
could be:

- Taking care of the ad-hoc scheduling
- Taking care to print and keep up to date the signs stating what is
  going on at each room (were the signs this year needed? Were they
  enough? Something like that, anyway)
- Relaying questions from IRC
- Running around with microphones
- Reminding people (not just presenters, but also people asking
  questions!) of sensible time limits

It makes sense IMO to decouple several of those tasks from the
videoteam work. Thinking on how things can be run in the future, this
could mean at a smaller room we _do_ have designated question relayers
from IRC, even if we only have one fixed camera and no "formal"
videoteam coverage, and that there is a moderator making sure time
limits are observed. Videoteam work could be more focused into the
technical details of how to run video, and not so much into the human
factors of making sure things happen on time...

Of course, it would mean one more series of responsabilities, one more
team to man, with all of the needed positions... But would probably be
a cleaner "separation of concerns", no?

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