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Re: [Debconf-discuss] remote participation in DebConf

Richard Hartmann <richih.mailinglist@gmail.com> writes:

> Could the video volunteer peek into a dedicated question channel during the
> qa part?

This video volunteer couldn't -- dyslexia means that if I'm IRCing then
I'm not doing anything else (so not directing the video or mixing the
sound or whatever my job was supposed to be as a video volunteer).

I've seen people that think they can multi-task doing a pretty mediocre
job when their attention's elsewhere, and any one of the video jobs can
require all of one's attention at times, particularly in the Q&A sections.

This sounds like a job for a new volunteer, unless people think that
i.e. the talk-meister should have enough spare time at that point in a
talk, but then it needs to be made very clear to the volunteers that that
is part of the role.

Cheers, Phil.
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