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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

Aigars Mahinovs dijo [Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 12:54:23AM +0300]:
> It has been mentioned before and I somewhat agree - for a non-native
> English speaker it is often easier to understand people if you see
> them speak as that give some more visual cues on what they are saying.
> This becomes even more important when the tone of the question might
> be important. In addition, the peronality of the people asking the
> question (in case of known people) is also important for a fuller
> understanding. Not taping the video of the person asking the question
> makes the people watching livestream or the recordings miss ... half
> of the picture? (pun was not intended, originally)
> I do not see it being a fair trade to deprive hundreds of people that
> are watching these videos, of the visual cues, for the privacy benefit
> or minimal seating arrangement comfort of the 5 or 6 people that do
> not want to be filmed.

I strongly agree with Aigars here. We are setting up a maze of hoops
to jump through for a very small gain. I think (and not that I want to
enter a slippery slope, but it does not seem so far from several
arguments I've seen) that pushing this might end up leading to
disappearing all of the videoteam at some point.

I understand there is people not wanting to be filmed or photographed,
but –and this might very well be a cultural thing– I cannot understand
we give so much discussion to something with so small a
footprint. Even more, in a community where we have been quite liberal
in our image handling practices for so many years.

There is a very real gain in setting up video infrastructure, and in
getting to see the interaction. On one side, it helps a lot people
folowing online (or offline) better understand the talks and know the
people involved in the project. On the other side, it gives a great
professional image our sponsors are interested in.

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