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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

On 09/10/2014 05:56 PM, Richard Hartmann wrote:
> PS: Asking people who do not want to be photographed to wear bright
> colours is somewhat counter-intuitive...

You could have the happy-with-photography lanyards be bright colors, and
hand out dark or black lanyards for the people who have not opted into
being photographed.

We know that all of the proposed solutions will not solve the problem
for everyone, and that people who decide to not respect the requests of
other people will be able to violate the rules anyway.

But (a) providing differentiable lanyards; (b) setting one of the
hackrooms off-limits to all cameras; and (c) designating a section of
talk rooms where people can be without being filmed or photographed (and
letting them ask questions from that location without being filmed
instead of excluding them from the interaction) seem like very decent
and reasonable steps to take toward respecting each other and our
different needs and desires.  Let's do them, even though they won't fix

We will still need to rely on social cues and listening to each other
(and being able to admit to making mistakes and learning and improving)
to make sure that we all treat each other with respect.  What else is new?

Thank you Aigars for your work on documenting the conference for many
years, and for your interest in making the event more comfortable for
people who prefer to not be documented in this way.  I hope you continue
to do this work!

I'm sure we have potential attendees who don't come to the conferences
for social reasons beyond cameras, but it's really great to see that we
can work toward fostering more inclusion in at least this regard.


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