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[Debconf-discuss] Regarding Travel grant for DebConf14 [from AMEY/India]


This is Amey from India. I came across DebConf14 information yesterday & yes I know it's too late even to register as I can  attend the conference if there is any possibility that I can get travel grant . Traveling from West side of India to West side of USA to me is traveling half the world & definite involvement of heavy fuel cost by airlines.  :-(

Pls suggest/advice if it's possible that I can get any travel grant. I read at registration page about deadline for the "Travel Grant" which was 15th May but still.  Yesterday[i.e.10th June] morning IST I sent e-mail regarding the same to sponsors@debconf.org and realized I sent to wrong e-mail address. I got reply from Clint.

- I can definitely be volunteer at DebConf14

My small contribution to Debian project as follows:- Using Debian since last 5~6 years in corporate world,active seeder of Debian dvd iso's,distribution of new release to needy people, promoter of Debian in corporate world & to new users. Some times involves brief technical explanation about how Debian can be installed on multiple processor architecture's. 

As I am not a Debian developer I don't have Debian SSO ID & debian.org e-mail address :-)

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks & Regards,

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