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Re: [Debconf-discuss] thanking for videos and subtitles of debconf 2013, suggestions and request for subs.

Hi Shirish,

> Hi all,
> First of all a big thank you to the video team for covering debconf 13
> and making debian users around the world accessible to the various
> challenges before Debian, both on the technical aspect as well the
> community and governance aspect as well. I was not there but from the
> videos I was able to understand some of the things that I'm interested
> in Debian.

Thank you for the appreciation, it makes the job much more fun and
worthy ;-)

> I further would like thank all the subtitle makers as it's pretty hard
> work. If I'm not mistaken it takes 10x times the size of the video for
> the subs. to be made.

In my case, it was ~4x. But yes, it's quite labor intensive.

> I do have a suggestion to make here. Is there a possibility of people
> adding their email to the specific subtitles that they have made ? The
> reason being in case if there are any simple spelling mistakes or some
> suggestion to give, it is always nicer and easier if there is an
> individual email id or (better yet) a team mail id so everybody is
> able to have nicer/better subs.

You are always welcome to improve on our work; you just have to either
request to be added to the Alioth group¹ or send us the diffs. We do
not need the specific author to be contacted (and in the case of my
translations, believe me, it would just slow things down, as I'm
working on more things than what I can manage).

¹ https://alioth.debian.org/projects/debconfsubs/

> Lastly, having a team id would also make it easier to ask/request for
> English subs. for specific videos. For e.g.
> 1013_Hardware_support_in_Debian_stable.ogv . It would be great if it's
> possible for somebody to make English subtitles for it.

It would be great. But we would end up eventually with requests for
mostly everything, you can be sure. Maybe what would be better would
be a way to volunteer i.e. not for the whole video but for a fraction
of it, and have a proper way to keep track of it. That way, you could
take i.e. the 10 minutes more interesting to you, or you could more
easily team up with others to get a specific video more swiftly

> The thing is many a times (at least here in India) when we share
> videos from minidebconfs, for many people (including me) at times you
> lose what the other person is speaking because of the accent and lots
> of time people do get tuned out. Having subs. synced with the video
> and dialog makes it that much easier to pause and stress on some point
> or the other the presenter is/was sharing in his presentation.

Believe me, that's the problem we all face. Debian is a very
international project, and we have all kinds of strange accents during
the talks. Even (and hardest, at least for me) native English

Fortunately, at least, we have achieved a culture where people already
*know* they should wait for the microphone, and the speaker *knows* he
should repeat what was asked. It's not always followed, but muc more
than in other circles.

> I have tried making subtitles before and I suck at it. I specifically
> suck at time synchronization which is probably the most important
> aspect as well as not being a native speaker so at times some words
> escape me.

I know your pain ;-) I suffered for that precise subject in my last sub!

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